October 17, 2012


Free trials and no join fee for new members through Oct 31

NEW CASTLE, Pa., October 17, 2012 – New Castle Community YMCA members Heather Headley, Rick Gay and Paul Gilboy have experienced transformations in body, mind and spirit at the Y. Through Oct 31, the Y is inviting you to begin your transformation by giving 1-week guest passes and waiving the joiner fee for all new members, a savings of $50-$124, during its annual wellness campaign. The Y is also giving away a 3-month family membership and a free youth swim, sports and play program on its Facebook page.

Marketing Director Lynise Massella said, “Every person who comes to the Y comes for different reasons, but they all return because the Y is meeting a need for them. They continue to come because of the impact our staff and programs have had on them. Because each of our members has a unique story to tell, we wanted to focus our energy in showcasing a few ‘Storytellers’ in our annual wellness campaign. These members are telling in their own words how the Y has helped them transform their lifestyles.” 

Meet Heather

Heather Headley lost 60 pounds this year. A busy mom of three kids, ranging from ages 3-15, the Y made it easier for her to make positive changes and meet her wellness goals. She said, “Everyone fits in at the Y and the Y fits my family.” Now she has made an intentional effort to inspire others to do the same. To hear more of her story, find “Meet Heather” on

Meet Rick

Rick Gay was in need of guidance and support in his wellness journey. A caring staff member began to mentor him. He said, “I needed help and she cares.” They discovered a similar interest: running. Now he trains at the Y for 5ks and marathons and has a better understanding of health and wellness. To hear more of his story, find “Meet Rick” on

Meet Paul

Paul Gilboy suffered a mild stroke in December 2011 and credits the Y’s SilverSneakers® program with his successful recovery. “It [SilverSneakers®] is perfectly programmed for seniors and [the Y’s] much more than an exercise facility. Paul said the Y keeps his body agile, his mind active and gives him opportunities to make new friends. To hear more of his story, find “Meet Paul” on

Giveaways & Contests

Everyone likes free stuff and the Y likes to give free stuff. The Y is holding two giveaways on Facebook this month for a 3-month family membership and a free youth swim, sports, or play program. Anyone who has liked our Facebook page through Oct 31 will be entered to win the family membership and kids can join in the storytelling by participating in the “Draw Your Story” coloring contest. For information on these giveaways and other events, go to

For as little as $40/month for an adult or $59/month for a family you can become empowered to be more healthy, confident, connected and secure.  Stop in to see us at the YMCA Downtown or Y-Zone in October for your tour and 1-week guest pass.  Go to to download a guest pass for you and a friend.

 About the Y

At the Y, we strengthen our community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. We engage 6,000 men, women and children – regardless of age, income or background – to nurture the potential of children and teens, improve the county’s health and well-being, and provide opportunities to give back and support neighbors. Rooted in the Lawrence County community for 145 years, the Y has the long-standing relationships and physical presence not just to promise, but to deliver, lasting personal and social change. Learn more at