Personal Training

Need help achieving your health goals? No matter where you are on your fitness journey, our personal trainers are here to help you succeed. From weight loss and mobility to strength training and conditioning, our ACE certified trainers can help you reach your goals.

Meet Our Trainers



Ben has been interested in health and personal fitness for as long as he can remember. He started teaching fitness classes in high school and earned a degree in Exercise Science from the University of Pittsburgh. At the same time, Ben became an ACE certified personal trainer and interned in the Strength & Conditioning Department at Carnegie Mellon University. 


Ben takes a comprehensive approach to training, focusing not just on strength and fitness but also on mobility, agility and overall health. His goal is to teach his clients independence so that they can guide their own fitness journey. 


“As an athlete growing up, I could have used someone with the vision and abilities to develop my skills,” says Ben. “I want to take what I could have used - but never got - and use it so that everyone has the ability to realize their potential.”


Contact Ben at (724) 510-8388 or via email.



Heather is a former junk food addict turned fitness junkie. In the past six years, she’s transformed her body by dropping 60 pounds and competing in 5k, half-, and full-marathon events. 

Heather is an ACE certified personal trainer as well as a certified Group Fitness, Spin and Les Mills BodyCombat instructor. 

It was Heather’s own fitness journey that inspired her to become a personal trainer.

“I didn’t have anyone to help me when I was starting out,” says Heather. “I want to be there for other people who are just starting out and help them achieve their goals.”

Contact Heather via email.


We offer three personal training packages, each with a multi-session discount: 

3 sessions: $100
6 sessions: $190
8 sessions: $240

For more details or to schedule a consultation, contact our Member Services team at (724) 658-4766.