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Here’s what’s been happening at your neighborhood Y. Many people have no idea how hard we work in our community. Please view some of our stories to learn more about us.

  • Diamond Girls Returned Empowered to Make the Community Great

    September 12, 2019

    Our New Castle YMCA Diamond Girls that attended the Global Youth Leadership Summit in San Diego returned with a new resolve and deep appreciation to Steve and Natalie Vitale for the role they played in helping them attend the leadership summit. Steve and Natalie Vitale provided scholarships to the seven girls that attended.

    In order to receive the scholarship the girls had to write essays on why they should attend and how attending would have a positive effect on them. Attending the summit was so life changing that the girls encouraged the remaining Diamond Girls that did not attend to find a way to go to the summit next year.

    We’re so proud of the Diamond Girls and we can’t wait to see how they will impact the community this year.

  • UPMC Jameson Gifts Lifesaving Equipment

    May 30, 2019

    In April we found out that one of our members had a very rare heart condition. During one of our fitness classes this member collapsed. Thankfully the instructor was a trained nurse and there were class participants who had just finished life guard, cpr/first aid training with Brittany Zastawniak. They worked as a team and were quick to respond resulting in a lifesaving shock for our AED.

    After the member was taken to the hospital we discovered that our AED was so outdated it was difficult for medical professionals to retrieve the data they needed from the device. Since that incident members of our staff have been working with UPMC Jameson and Chery Rickens the EMS Specialist for the AED program with UPMC to get us a new AED.

    This past Tuesday UPMC Jameson gifted The New Castle Community YMCA, Mount Jackson Presbyterian Church and the Vocational and Psychological services state of the art AEDs. This donation was made possible by the UPMC Jameson Junior guild.

    We will be forever grateful to UPMC Jameson and the UPMC Jameson Junior guild for their dedication to community outreach and helping to keep New Castle healthy. 

    *Check out The New Castle News coverage HERE

  • Welcome to the Board!

    May 24, 2019

    We are fortunate to add 3 new members to our Board!  Carole Sheen(right) is the co-chair for our member to member campaign and had graciously come back to our board after retiring from Blair Strip Steele. Tiffany Preston, DVM(left) has been a long time member and supporter of the New Castle Community YMCA and advocate of swim safety Y programs. Valarry Frymoyer(middle) is a SVP in Treasury Management at First Commonwealth Bank. We are honored to have her financial expertise and council.

  • Diamond Girls – Take on the Capital

    May 9, 2019

    Earlier this week a several of our Diamond Girls headed to the capital in support of Tobacco21. An initiative in favor of raising the age from 18 to 21 years old in order to purchase tobacco and tobacco products. Along with taking a tour of the capital and participating in the day’s events they met with our state Senators Elder Vogel and Chris Sainato.

    The Diamond Girls along with Sen. Vogel are in favor of the Tobacco21 initiative as it will leave fewer youths vulnerable to nicotine addiction and the negative health impacts it could have on their futures.

  • National Day of Prayer Breakfast 2019

    May 6, 2019

    May 2nd we gathered in food and fellowship with our community to pray alongside each other and the entire country for the National Day of Prayer. Breakfast was generously donated by Pete Medure of Medure’s Catering in New Castle; and our speaker was Greg Marshall, Outreach Pastor at New Life Baptist Church in New Wilmington.

    The theme for his talk was John 13:34: “Love one another. Just as I have loved you.” Pastor Marshall spoke to us how we could, “learn to love everybody. Not just our family and friends, but those who have wronged us. Not just our co-works and acquaintances, but even those we pass by that we may not pay attention to.”

    He shared with us the story from Matthew 20 about two blind men who Jesus healed when he was walking through a town. Jesus did five things. He heard their cries; he stopped, looked and acknowledged them. He asked what they wanted from him and he gave them the healing touch. What could we do today in order to emulate what Jesus did in Matthew 20? We could, “listen for clues that people are in pain.[We could] stop whatever [we’re] doing at the moment. [We could] look past people’s behavior to see their value. [We could] ask people what they need [and not assume that we know]. [We could] do whatever [we] can to help – to touch someone else’s pain.”  

    We want to give a big thanks to all those who helped with this event! Special thanks to Pete Medure, Greg Marshall and Jeremy Gardner, Worship Pastor at New Life Baptist.

    Thank you to New Castle News for their feature article

  • Retiring Board Members

    April 26, 2019

    This month 3 of our longest serving board members retired from our board. James Rugh, served as a member of the New Castle Community YMCA board since 1988. His experience and involvement in the community allowed him to council multiple CEOs. Michael Bshero served as a member of the New Castle Community YMCA board since 1998. His financial experience made him made him a valuable asset to many of our CFOs and CEOs over the past 20 years. Bill Fitts (not pictured) served as a board member since 2013. He was a major supporter of our Thanksgiving 5ks.

  • YMCA’s Marcia Jenkins is a Lingua Franca Extraordinary Woman

    April 25, 2019


    March 1-3, 2019 New Castle Community YMCA’s very own Marcia Jenkins was flown to New York City. The trip was to honor her and 12 additional women who had been nominated by close friends, family or community members to be a Lingua Franca Extraordinary Woman!

    Lingua Franca is a cashmere sweater company located in New York City.  Their sweaters are not only sustainably sourced; they are fair trade and hand embroidered by women in NYC. Each article of clothing is a work of art with a saying that was inspired by an impactful woman of her community. Additionally $100 of each sweater sold is donated to a corresponding charity.

    Marcia Jenkins didn’t think of herself as extraordinary or impactful. Although she is, “touched that [her] daughters think,” she is. Her daughter Susan nominated our 80 year old Silver Sneakers fitness instructor. Marcia has spent her life giving to others. As a reading specialist she empowered her students and gave them skills to excel in school and in life. As Y fitness instructor she inspires her classes to, ‘just keep moving.’ Which is her mantra featured on her Lingua Franca Sweater.

    We are blessed to have such an extraordinary woman on staff at our New Castle Community YMCA!


    April 22, 2019

    Our Annual Campaign kicked off on April 1st! Fundraising efforts go to assist the many programs that the New Castle Community YMCA offers to youths and families. Co-Chairs of our Member to Member Annual Campaign Dorice Shover and Carole Sheen had this message to share to thier fellow New Castle Community YMCA members about the importance of donating to the Annual Campaign:

    "Hi I am Dorice Shover and this is Carole Sheen, co-chairs of the Community Annual Campaign for Youth for the New Castle YMCA.   

    You probably know that the Y helps adults, kids and families live healthier lives. 

    But did you know that the Y provides financial assistance to those who can’t afford membership and programs on their own?  Our Annual Campaign provides scholarships to nearly 1,000 community members each year.

    The Y is committed to empowering youth to reach their personal potential, especially at a critical time in their young lives when they are at risk to start unhealthy behaviors, such as substance abuse and school drop-out.  Nearly 300 local teens are offered free summer memberships through our Seventh grade initiative.

    These are just a few ways in which your donated dollars help our local children and families.  Over our combined 58 years of involvement with the New Castle Y, Carole and I have seen firsthand the difference the Y makes in our community.

    Please join us, through your generosity, to ensure that all of our neighbors can reach their potential.

    Thank you!"

    Read HERE for more information about donating to our Annual Campaign. 

  • NCCY Masters Take Home the Championship

    April 12, 2019

    This past weekend our NCCY Masters participated in the Allegheny Mountain YMCA/YWCA Master Swimming Association (AMYMSA) season championship meet. The meet was held at the Spire Institute in Geneva, Ohio.  Collectively the NCCY Masters participated in 7 events and took home the championship in their division!

    Our aquatics director Brittany Zastawniak had this to say, “it’s fun to see how far they’ve come.  Our group has a good time and believes in friendly competition.  An 18 year old will swim against a 67 year old and age doesn’t matter. Swimming is an activity available for all ages.”

    Congratulations on the win NCCY Masters!

    If you’re interested in our masters swimming program please contact Brittany Zastawniak


    September 27, 2018

    Many thanks to those who attended the 2018 Salute to Courage Dinner which was held on September 27, 2018. Disctrict Attorney Joshua Lamancusa was honored with the Jack & Nancy Flannery Salute to Courage Award for his commitment to building a strong Lawrence County. Attendees enjoyed a video presentation highlighting the many positive developments Joshua has brought to the community through his efforts to broaden the reach of the District Attorney's Office. We salute Joshua and his team for the impact they have made on our community. 

    We also want to extend our gratitude to all the sponsors and donors who made this event possible:

    Preston Auto Group

    PNC & First Energy

    Mr. & Mrs. Scott & Amy Fehrs
    Bill Flannery
    Human Services Center
    IBEW Local Union #712
    Klafter’s, Inc.
    Lawrence Community Foundation
    Packer Thomas
    Precision Feedscrews
    Westminster College

    Arnett, Carbis, Toothman
    Aven Fire Systems
    Law Offices of Carmen F. Lamancusa
    Castle Builders Supply
    Classi-Co Foods
    Court Administration Office
    The Ellwood Group
    The Hoyt Foundation
    Lawrence County Elected Officials
    Neshannock Township Supervisors & Police Department
    Panella Family Foundation
    Carmen Shick
    Steelite International
    Attorney Daniel Soom & Attorney Larry Keith
    UPMC Horizon / UPMC Jameson

    Chuck Tanner's Restaurant
    Daystar Marketing
    Dimeo Olson Law Group
    Medure, Bonner, Bellissimo
    New Visions
    Pizza Joe's
    Alice & Carl Sacherich
    State Farm/Alyssa Harcar
    Union Township Police Association
    Venti-Sei Winery
    Young Professionals of Lawrence County

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